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Still no Charifer...

As I thought, I had No Air 5 stashed in My Documents under a pile of rubble! Check me out with my double-posting. ~Ohyes.

Point of interest, author has found my sporking and left me a couple of comments on the last chapter. She was pretty awesome about the whole thing and didn't bitch me out. She just acknowledged that her writing wasn't perfect, said she'd work on it and wished me all the best. So author, if you're reading this, as I figure you probably will, big thumbs-up to you. May you go far with your writing and may the force be with you!

Link: It's been too long we've been living under a raincloud.
Title: No Air Chapter Five
Author: littlebit728
Description: Chapter Five

HOLA AMIGOS! <----Spanish *claps at multiculturalism* Woooo.
This is the fifth chapter of NO AIR!! WHOOT WHOOT!
I personally LOVE this chapter and you'll soon know why.....muahahaha Noo, I can't stand the suspense!
If you havent read the prevoius chapters I'd advise you to do so or you'll my THIS is why proofreading is important, lads and lasses. You might misspell a two-letter word like 'be'. MAGORLY I read that as mag-o-rly, then thought of the ORLY owl.
confused! Once again, allow me. Ze Changing happened, but our Sue-y was a-okay. Then she drank some blood, made out with her boyfriend and had a nap (in that order). Ment2b!Stu turned up on her proch, hugged her and left. Also, Sue-y had a ~vision which made it clear that No Air is about to join the ranks of all the other teen pregnancy stories out there. This Sporker was sad.
If you havent looked yet CHAPTER FOUR GOT 5 STARS!
Thanks to all who rated because it wouldent me 5 stars without you! (and me teehee) Wait, did you 5-star your own story? D< /unimpressed
P.S. please excuse any spelling and grammar mistakes As per usual, prove to me you care enough about your own work to proofread.

Three days later Nuuu~
I had finally started to eat solid food so it was time for Dan to leave eaventhough I begged my mom to let him stay for a few more days, BAWW what a cruel mother she has.
"You knew I'd have to leave when you started school again Char I'm bored of the Charizard joke now." said Dan holding me close
"I know..." I sighed "Its just that I dont want to say good-bye again" Aww! That's so sweet, one of my teeth just fell out!
"I can always come back" he suggested
"But theirs always gunna be another good-bye Dan, and im tired of it...." I said pressing my forehead againsed *cringe* his
"But i'll always come back Charmander Eh? Eh? :3 No..., remember that" he smiled I have a strange sense of foreboding that these two are going to break up before this chapter is out.

He pulled me into one last kiss before he'd have to go...
We broke apart gazing into eachothers eyes,

"I love you Char" he smiled
"Love you too" I smiled back
He held me close and I could hear his steady heartbeat, it was going to be one of those things that I would miss.... Um. Um. That's like, really creepy. She's going to miss her boyfriend's heartbeat. Well, as long as she doesn't go so far as to open his chest cavity, tear out his heart and keep the thing alive in a glass box attached to tubes, we're okay.

"Charlotte" inturrpted my mom Good timing, mother. "Dan has to go now and you need to get ready for school"
"Alright" I sighed
Dan gave me one last kiss on the cheek before leaving, and I shortly left with my bag We NEED to know you had your bag. Did you have your books? Lunch? Keys? Brain? No?

When I got to school It felt like the first day all over again, Please don't tell me that means...
People were whispering about me CRAP. trying to keep their conversations to themselvs but being a full vampire my sences have increaced, I can see further, smell stronger, *snickers like a ten* hear better and run further.... And really. One of the girls in my class is gone quite a bit because of health reasons. Whenever she gets back it's like "HAAI! :D" and glomp attacks all 'round. Why the hell do these unseen hordes do nothing but ~whispa?
Its like looking at the world through new eyes...

When I got my things out of my locker I turrned around I saw Dan's smiling face, Dammit, I really hoped it would be Jennifer.
"Hey you'r finally back" he said
"Yup" I nodded
"You'r looking alot better too" he commented
"Thanks, i'm feeling alot better too" I smiled *Weeps at awkward dialogue*

"AND SHE LIVES!" inturrupted Jamie WHO?, Darrens freind Oh. Another character I don't know anything about/don't care about.
"Oh c'mon Char you know you'll want me someday" he said I don't like him. "And when that day comes i'll be right here"
"Where?" I asked "On the one way road to 'You 'aint gettin any'?" XD BEST line of the whole story so far. I can't believe I just said that.
"You can stop now" said Darren
"Ya Char you can stop now" said Jamie sounding like a little kid
"I was talking about you Jamie"
"Hah he's got my side" I mocked
Jamie gave me one if his sly smiles I wouldn't know about 'his sly smiles' because I've never met this character before this slide. D: and I stuck my toung out in return, Sticking out your 'toung' is the ultimate comeback in Sueland. while Darren just rolled his eyes at our "Immarurity" Haha! Try saying that out loud, it's fun.
"So you gunna need help with your homework?" asked Darren changing the subject
"Ya, right now i'm swamped i'd really appriciate it"
"How about you come over today and we'll work on it then?" he suggested
"That sounds good" I nodded in agreement *perks up* smutty!tiems? As if study sessions are ever innocent in this world, pssh.

At the end of the day Darren met me at my locker, Because that's the only 'set' apart from craptastic~classroom this school has.
"So you ready?" he asked
"As ready as i'll ever be" I answered
We grabbed our bags then started to head over to his house... *bangs spork on table* Smut now! I demand it!

I predict the antics in the next five slides. Let's see...

When we got to Darrens house we went directly to his room to start on all my late homework, and to study for the upcomming socials test....
"I can't beleive we have to remember all of this!" I complained after Darren went over the notes with me again That's life, sweetcakes. Just don't do what one of the girls in my class did, which was to turn up on the morning of one of our srsly intense media theory exams going "haiguise! I didn't study, lol. What theories does we needz to know agen?" and proceeded to spend the next 15 minutes asking me for all the theories she was meant to memorise. Studying fail.[/digression]
"Hey its not my fault you got sick"
"Yes it is" I smirked Dumb bitch, no it wasn't.
"Well than if I make you sick than AUGH. IT'S THEN, NOT THAN. WHY IS THAT SO DIFFICULT?! I wont help you" he smiled starting to put the books away
"NO! no no you dont make me sick, but how about we take a break I'm starting to get a headache from all this studying" Oh, a "break". Lurvely. ;) I said rubbing my head
"Ok we'll take a break" he said walking over to the tattred couch in his room Well, this is progressing quickly...

I folowed and sat next to him on the couch, sheilding my eyes from the sunlight leaking in from the window, Hurrah, posebox abuse!
"So where are your parents?" I asked
"Their at work" he repied
"I've never seen your dad Char.....he still around?" he asked looking at me You've been to her house, what, once? Or have you? CREEPER.
"He left before my brother and I were born...." I said "And dont feel sorry for me i'm glad he's gone, it just shows that he wasnt man enough to help my mom" Missing Dad Syndrome!
"I wasnt going to say that" he replied
"Oh sorry....than what were you going to say?"
"I was going to say that he dosent know what a wonderful daughter hes missing out on"
I couldent help but smile at that comment, but I hid my face so he wouldent see... Don't be too chuffed, he just wants to get in your pants. Looks like it's working, too.

After about half an hour of talking I had to leave, AL;SDAKFJAS DO WANT CHARACTERISATION.
"You shure you have to go?" asked Darren
"Ya or my mom will probably call Missing Persons Unit" I joked
"How about same time tomorrow?" he asked
"Can't mom's taking me shopping, yippee" I said sarcastically
"I thought girls loved shopping" I don't! Breaking the stereotype FTW! he said leaning on the door
"I didnt say what we were shopping for"
"Oh....haha I feel sorry for you now" he smirked
...So, what are you shopping for? Socks? Groceries? Human body parts? I WANNA KNOW!
"Well I better get going now, see ya tomorrow"
I started to open up the door and give my last wave good-bye when Darren came up to me, turrned me aroundand and placed his hands on my hips holding me in place.... Wait, that's not smut, that's raep...

Our noses were centimeters appart, his dazzling blue eyes seemed more shiney up close.... I was transfixed by the shiny. Suddenly, I transformed into a bowerbird, gouged out an eye and hopped along back to my bower. I put the eye among my collection. The fool had fallen for my trap hook, line and sinker.
My heart was racing, it was beating so loud I swear he could hear it, Again with the heartbeat thing? I could have turrned and left right away but somthing was keeping me there, not his hands on my hips I could easily just move them and walk away but somthing else...
Somthing I couldent explain...
It was attracting me like a magnet...
Our heads were slowley moving closer untill our lips were almost touching....

#5! I win! Not full-blown smut, I admit, but we got lip action at the very least!
Darren lent in and pressed his lips againsed mine....
Somehow my arms started to move their way up to his shoulders, and my fingers bacame entangled in his hair, one of his hands were an the small of my back and the other behind my neck,
Good job describing the slide.
It felt diffrent but I didnt know why.... Oh! I know! Because he's Ze One!
There was a diffrent smell.....not like Dan's either... He smelled like bacon. Delicious bacon.

His face popped up in my mind and I broke away at that moment,
There was a knot in the pit of my stomach and I couldent get the thought of his face out of my mind...
I opned up the door and started to run home....
"Uh, should I just stay here?" Darren called uncertainly after me.
"I'll call you, then!"

Suddendly Darrens face took place of Dans...
Darrens kind face faded into somthing else....what he was.....
GASP. I shook the image out of my head and concentrated on getting home but I could never truley forget it...

When I got home I ran strait to my room not bothering to eat dinner....
Their names were swimming inside my head...
Dan, Darren, Dan, Darren, Dan, Darren...
Jesus Christ. Welcome to the rest of the story.
I kept on trying to push them aside but they always came back... Like moths. Or a bad smell.

I sat on my couch and started to go through what happned at Darrens house,
We were working on homework and studying...
I had to leave so I started to go to the door but Darren stopped me...
He got really close but I let him...
He kissed me......and I kissed back...
Shit just got real.
"ARRRG!" I grunted running my hands through my hair "Why dose it have to be so complicated!" BAWWW.
I walked over to my dresser and changed into my pajammas then went to my bed and burried my face in my pillow trying to forget everyone and everything....

When I finally drifted into sleep Dan's face appeared in my dreams...
He was disappointed in me....I could tell by the look on his face...

"I thought you loved me" he growled
"I DO!" I cried
He came over to me and pushed me to the ground his eyes blood-thirsty Dream raep?
"This is what you deserve" he snarled as he barred his fangs
"You had your chance, now its time for you to die" Holy shit. For one kiss? And doesn't Dan just look so very vicious in that photo? I get terrified just looking at it. Argh. Oh no.
He dug his fangs into my neck and I screamed for him to stop but he didnt listen, he just kept on biting harder and harder while I sceamed louder and louder, my blood was flowing down and staining my shirt, my pants and the ground beneath us.....
Then it all went black.....

OOHHHHHH! SCARY! What a nightmare huh? I've had worse.
Sorry if it was short i'll try to make them longer but alot happned huh? If by a lot you mean she went to school, everyone talked about her, she went over to what's-his-face's house for almost-smut and then was conflicted by it, then yes. I guess there was.
Darren kissed Charlotte.....AND SHE LET HIM! OMG!
And whats with Charlotte seeing Darren for what he truly is? I know but do you? Yessir I do.
Up above will be the cover for the next chapter of No Air isnt it cool? I personally think its the best so far! But I always change my mind when I make a newer one....teehee
So be on the lookout for this cover on the exchange alrighty?
My GB is dying to be sighned SIGH D: and you can sighn SIIGGHH DD: as much as you want 'cause I move ALL of my GB sighnings SIIIGGGHHH DDD: to my blog!
So have an awesome day or night and DONT FORGET TO RATE!!!

That's all from me once more. Farewell!


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Oct. 25th, 2010 05:14 pm (UTC)

It's good that she wasn't all grr argh with you. =) Maybe she will improve!
Nov. 1st, 2010 01:00 am (UTC)

Oh, dear. Yet another teen pregancy story with your usual serving of FAIL on the side has been made. The author's name is DaynaGWien.

Have fun, sporkers!
Nov. 4th, 2010 04:12 am (UTC)
Hi! Sorry for the late reply. Wow, it's even called Teen Pregnancy Story...that's awful. Duly noted for future reference, thank you. :)
Nov. 3rd, 2010 10:55 pm (UTC)
This please

I cringe at what you do and what this story does. Have fun.
Nov. 4th, 2010 04:14 am (UTC)
Re: This please
Wow. Just wow. I'll put this one in the requests thread, since I don't have time to do any sporking myself at this point in time...
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