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Say You Won't Leave Me No More

Once again, this is not the story threatened by Ten’s fan-turned-psycho (yes, I am still holding my breath for that one guise). But you know how it is, the word angel and a possessive pronoun just gets my hopes up – then dashes them cruelly against the ground.

Dear Author,

Copying and pasting from Word is your friend. If I am overly harsh today, it’s because spell/grammar checking gives me a headache and I will feel guilty if I don’t do it because you need to improve yours.

Love, Your friendly neighbourhood sporker.

Link: I’ll forgive, and forget, if you say you’ll never go
Title: My Angel, Sent From Hell 1.0
Author: kristen6249
Description: My Angel, Sent From Hell..... Unless This Is A Song Title I Advise You Not To Write Like This Because It Makes You Look Like A Nincompoop. And Even Then I Advise You Not To Use Song Titles/Lyrics Cos We Don’t Like ‘Em In The Place Of Descriptions. (Note to readers: It is not a song title.)


Heyy Rreaders! (Not a proper noun) :) icapitalise hope you like this Proguluelogue, itapostrophes short but therey’re meant to be arenapostrophet they? lcapitaliseol! pcapitaliselease sign my GP But what if he sics his syringes on me? if you want me to continue my story! I am doing requests for CC, all you have to do is e-mail me a pic of what you want, your (yo, yo, yo! Don’t forget the yos dawg!) sims2.com username and if itapostrophes teen, adult, etc! :) wcapitaliseell icapitalise guess you can continue! Sweetie – anyone who made it this far doesn’t need permission, they need a medal  :) ------>

I woke up to my room singing showtunes out of tune. mcapitalisey lame, lame room. acapitalisenother day of hell icapitalise guess. I'll live. I hope that in the next few days I’ll meet an angel and fall madly in love with him and have his babies and live happily ever after.... Anyways NOT A REAL WORD to nospace day is Saturday. Maybe I should start this differently. Hi viewers from beyond the fourth wall, My name is Amy-Leigh (LOLZ, I geddit – cos, she’s lyke kinda emu lookin’ and lyke, Amy Lee is, lyke, in Evanescene) and iapostrophem 14 We need to make a spell it out song. Two names? Oh, the inhumanity!!! *faints a little bit* my parents could think of a name and yeah… Yeah what? I have no idea where that sentence was going, and neither did it. It wandered into a police station three hours ago, all alone, so we’re charging you with neglect. And then thereapostrophes my little brother Sam. Hieapostrophes one. And thereapostrophes my mother. Sheapostrophes 34 and single. She needs to read ‘Of course you’re still single, take a look at yourself you dumb slut!’ "Dad broke up with her when he just couldn’t take” the way we” random”ly inserted “speechmarks into conversation. she was pregnant with Sam. And today, Mum had given up secks, drugs, booze, and trying to cure my Sueiness. I was moving to my cousins. She snaped last week, when i got a tatto. *insert nasal tone* Mr Potter, why did you get a tatto? I guess this is what we get for not teaching English at Hogwarts… Why did icapitalise get it? I have no idea. Yup, we found that at the police station too. I was drunk...... Ahh! Someone escaped from Party Drug! Round it up guise!

I got up, finished making my bed and got changed. I stretched and looked in the mirror. "Meh milkshake bringeth all the_boyz to de yard...." I mumbled with great self-confidence and- oh, who am I kidding? I’m a Sue with low self-esteem issues through and through and ran my fingers through my hair a few times before leaving my room. I walked out of my room slowly not wanting to leave it because it was a lame, lame room and we’re at the right point in the story to reveal my extraordinary Sue!logic. I walked out into the kitchen and made myself on toast. OMNOMNOM! Please note that this is where I gave up correcting. You are too powerful for me. "Amy-Lei-....." My mother called. She was staring at me shocked. "Yeah?" I asked poping up the burnt toast. Then she started yelling. again. "YOU GOT ANOTHER TATTO?!She screamed because she had also missed out on English lessons, which ended up waking up Sam. "Wha- NO!" I yelled throwing the toast in the bin and missing. OHNOES! A clumsy Sue! Fetch the camera boys, I’ve never seen this before! "THEN WHATS THIS?!?!" She barked with excessive amounts of punctuation, throwing a mirror at my face. I cought the mirror with my face to reinforce the clumsiness factor, and looked at my face. "Wha the......" I mumbled. The main attraction was a black tear drop under my left eye, but I couldn’t help but sigh at the horrible plainness of my appearance. If only a handsome young angel would come along and unlock my outer beauty... "Mum, I do NOT know how that got there, I swear!" I said picking up the toast and put it on the bin. Just like I put myself on the toast; and the circle of life continued. "Fine, whatever lie to me i dont care. Just pack your things for Joss please. (Joss is my aunte. She came down with an overabundance of vowels a few years back; her and mum don’t speak that often). "I did that yesterday day sounds like the beginning of a musical number *breaks out top hats and canes* mum." I said. Then before i knew it i was sitting on the path with my bag.

Then she opened the door and took my bag. She said she was making sure i didnt have guns or anything because ANYTHING GOES in Suesville USA. Why, I heard that this girl a few blocks away got raped by a genetically engineered monster! So, you see, guns in my bag was a plausible fear. I sat on the ground and started whistling a tune to a song dad used to sing to me. He loved me, I couldnt figure out why he got so mad when he found out about Sam. Does Sam look a lot like the milkman? I watched as people walked past. The post man I KNEW IT!, Nikki my old friend, before she got a boyfriend that is because men spoil everything and I never ever want to have one and… OOH! PRETTEH BOY! and a few other people i didnt know. Then this boy walked past. I called it again! I wouldnt have noticed him if he wasnt whistling because in the space of a second I became blind. It was the same tune I was whistling, The whole time he could she me he was looking at me, But i was to busy looking at my feet becaush I wash drunk, and that wash why I wash shlurring my words. If only I could remember what the song was called because we were playing ‘The Intros Game’ and the prize was to speak to teh_hottie. As the time past, the hours went by, seconds and minutes. Then the front door opened it was mum. "Here." She mumbled throwing it at me before she locked the door. My bag was empty, because I had tried to sneak out my new AK47 BUT SHE HAD SEEN THROUGH ME. I threw it in a bush and waited. and waited. and waited. Joss never came, it was getting late. I wondered if her Vowele Supoort Classe hade rune one againe?

The outdoor lights turned on, I looked around only to see the boy again. He was blonde. AHHHHHHHHH! He stopped this time. "You 'kay?" He asked watching me like a hawk. I was disappointed. Once again a hot guy was looking for the mysterious ‘Kay.’ I decided that enough was enough. (However, Author, you get my thanks for the use of an apostrophe to symbolise contraction. HOW CAN YOU DO THAT AND NOT CAPITALISE?!) "Yeah, i guess. I can be any one you want me to be baby…" I said just loud enough for him to hear. "okay....." He mumbled and walked off again, but at a slower pace. I had forgotten to mention, this fittay was half angel, half snail. A few hours past and i was tired and the darkness wasnt helping much. When it was dark outside, it was night-night time for all the little Sues and Stus. I curled up in a ball and before I knew it, I was asleep.

HA! told ya it was short, lol! Hoped you liked it! message me if you liked it, or rate it! I rated it. Yeah, we’ll leave it at that. The next chapter will come out soon! I promise! Who was the guy? A super awesome half angel, half snail! How did she get the tatto? Well, her aunt’s spirit arrived and stole some of her vowels, leaving her with a tatto in their place. Will I stop asking Questions? Who’s Questions? And what were you asking them – if it’s plotz then please do stop. yeh i will lolz. Oh good, I’m expecting marked improvement next chapter then, I am doing requests so as i said before please just e-mail me (My E-mail is on my profile) YAY for the ease you provide your information for iunternet!paedos! a pick, ur username and a pick of what you want done! Ty for reading!

Link: ‘Cos it’s true, what they sa-aaa-aaa-ay, it’s better the devil you know!
Title: My Angel, Sent From Hell 1.1
Author: kristen6249
Description: Have you ever thought that there was another world? ~Caine

haha! she looks sorta fat in her poofy jumper! OMGZ! BEEN FAT IS A RELLI RELLI BAD TING, BUT LOLZ, SHE’S NOT RELLI FAT! lolz. ANWAYS, welcome to chaper 1 of My Angel, Sent From Hell 1.1! :) So there’s gonna be chapter two of 1.1? i reuploaded the Progulue (1.0) cus I said her mum was 24 and that she was 14 (she was ment to be 34 Xd) Sorry! Jules, think of the lolz I could have had if you hadn’t told her this! *evil eyes* Please read the progulue or you wont know whats happening! Quick recap – she grew a tattoo, her mom nicked her guns, and a half angel/half snail whistled the same song as her! As i said I AM doing hit requests, E-mail me (My e-mail is on my profile), send me a pic of what you want done so no one innocent dies by accident, if he/she is teen, adult, etc. I charge more for teens, because they’re smaller and harder to hit. I guess thats it so......Continue ----------->

I woke up early, realy early i guess "mum" speech marks mean disownment *nods* is still asleep and she gets up early. I tried to open the door, it was still locked. I walked around the house until i found my bedroom window.  I had lost it a few weeks back, when it fell out of my pocket when I was drunk. It was locked also but the lock was broken so it wasn’t locked? and wasnt that hard to get unlocked can you unlock something that isn’t locked? from the outside.

Once I was inside I brushed my hair and looked through my clorset because the only way I would survive is by having the shiny hair and sexeh outfit necessary to attract a Stu. Who cares about food? He’ll have his own place with a never-ending supply of the stuff. There wasnt mum in there but I found a jacket that would do. I hugged it close, relishing the touch of another… human being. Why did my mother never hold me like this!? I threw it on my bed and changed into a different pair of jeans. I layed down on my bed for a minute. I looked at the clock on the wall. Then there was a THUD. "Crap....." I mumbled hiding under my bed. "Mum" was awake. I stayed under my bed listening to her talking to Sam. "I'm sorry Sam, Amy-Leigh is gone....... She couldn’t stand waiting for me to finish a sentence………. Not with all the ellipsii I use…………" She said trying to sound sad. I could hear Sam crying. "Now, now Sam, I'll be back in half an hour please be a good boy. Okay?" She said. "Amy-E....." He cried. HE could never say my name right, he was only little though. Then I heard the door slam shut. She was gone. I got out from under my bed and went to see Sam to say goodbye.

I picked him up and gave him a hug. "Amy-E!" He cooed smiling. "Sam I love you lots but I have to go..." I mumbled to him. "Noooo" He cried grabbing my hair and pulling it. "Dont tell "mummy" I was here, Okay?" I asked wishing I could take him with me. Why couldnt I? You’re an alcoholic fourteen year old with unexplainable materialising tattoos, and a crush on a snangel. No. I couldnt put him through that. Imagine the mucus *shudder* "Tay!" He said loudly loosening his grip on my hair because children are well known for being understanding of other people’s desires and not at all egocentric beings. I stood there holding him. Then "Mum's" car pulled up. "I've got to go Sam, Im sorry!" I said crying now. "Tay......." He mumbled, He was crying too. I put him in his crib and ran into my room and shut the door. I threw my jacket on and jumped out the window. I ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and ended up in some Middle Eastern country where they stoned me for wearing trousers. I died. There was much rejoicing. I was still crying. When I stopped running I looked around. A forest. Great. It was really dark which meant night-night time, I would have thought it was night if i hadnt had a watch on. I looked down at it. It was gone. Great. So, she can grow tattoos and vanish watches. I want her powerz /sarcasm. (sorry that she looks different in ther next pictures my computer messed up so i had to make her again and she looks different Xd)

I got an std from standing there looking around until my legs fell from under me.  I layed down on the ground and closed my eyes. No one liked me. My "mum" hated me, my "dad" left and wouldn't know who I am if I walked un to him which didn’t really matter because he was “dead” to me anyway, Everyone at school thought I was a loner. And I had syphilis. They were right. I am a loner with syphilis. Then there was a cracking sound. I bolted upwards and looked around. There was another crack. I stod up and looked around. "Hey!" Some one said from behind me. I turned to see the boy snangel.

"...hi?" I said looking at him. "Who are you?" He asked looking at me funny. "Amy-Leigh....." I said slowly looking at him. "No way..... You told me you were Kay. I spent all this time stalking you for nothing!" He muttered under his breath. "What?" I asked. "Do you know who i am?" He asked stratching his neck. "No, should I?" I asked studying his face. He took a deep breath and sighed. "Nevermind, I should be going." He mumbled and turned to walk away. Before I knew what I was doing (I mean, me, being forward with a boy! I couldn’t quite believe it myself!) I grabbed his arm and turned him to face me. "Who are you?" I asked looking right into his bright blue eyes. "My name is Caine, Im your older step brother." DAMMIT! Although, there’s always the Cassandra Clare  He said. I stod there shocked. I didnt have a older brother. Did I? "You think im lying. Dont you?" he asked. "B-b-.....but I dont have an older brother." I managed to say. "Yes. you do. You wernt told much were you?" He asked. He sat down on the dirt and toold me to sit down. *nods* Now we’re back to the pushy Stus we know and love.

"When you where born dad got mad and nearly killed you. He didnt want another child you see? When mum found out she went along with it.  But one night she ran away with us who are now apparently full blood siblings and not even halfsies, and definitely not steps, and went to her sisters house. But she wasnt over the moon with us either. You know you were blonde when you were born? You grew out of it and ended up with black hair." He added in. “Aunt Joss was a bit of a bitch like that, she hated black hair with a passion. Only one vowel in it.” "Woah..." I mumbled running my fingers through my hair. “I didn’t know the vowel disease had such a strong hold on her, even back then!” "When our mum was sure he left she moved back into her house."He said. Then I spoke up for the first time in a while. "And then eleven years later he shows up on the front door step praying for her backache to vanish, only they were naked and fell on her repeatedly and then I get a little brother which seems more realistic since he only ever wanted one kid. Then two years later I get kicked out of the house and end up in a forest with a brother I dont remember." I said frowning at how bad my life had turned out. If only I’d dun English and knew how to make the audience emphasise with me. "Wait a minute, How did you get kicked out?" I asked looking at him. "I ran away because you were the favorite child, even though Mom went along with the whole plot to kill you. Did you never wonder where Sue’s got their impeccable logic and bipolarism from? It’s their parents." He said looking at the dirt. "Oh my god, Caine I.....I..." I mumbled upset. "It's okay." He smiled.

I laied back on the dirt and looked up at the tree tops. I couldn't see an inch of sky. "Where have you been staying all those years?" I blurted out. "Here I guess, I had lots of money so I chose to sleep in the wild. Now, not so much because I spent my lots of money on trying to plug the enormous plot hole that didn’t explain where my lots of money came from." He said looking at the pond. "You broke arent you?" I asked watching him. "Yeah...." He mumbled. Caine laied down, His back facing me. I swear the second I closed my eyes I fell asleep.

I awoke with a fright. I looked around. Amy-Leigh was sound asleep on the ground. Sucky unnamed POV change or super awesome killer entity hiding inside Sue’s body? I looked around. Someone was here. But they where to far away to see. I dug my hand into the dirt because I was still a super awesome killer entity and I was gonna take these two kids down, then leave them in a shallow grave. They where coming closer. There were lots of them too. We had to get out of here. Oh, no, I was just Caine. And I wasn’t even going to live up to my namesake by killing my sibling. I turned to look at Amy-Leigh. I shook her shoulduntil she woke up. "Wha-what?" She mumbled sitting up. "Some ones coming." I said stretching abit. "So?" She asked, also stretching. "Come on i'll explain later." "Where are we going to go?" She asked as I stood up. "Just come." I said Helping her up. "Kay..." She mumbled. I started to walk. I had to find the tree. And fast. Because that was where he had hidden his guns and this story was going to have a super awesome shootout?

I walked until she had cought up. I stopped for a second and looked behind us. I could just see them behind us. Then Amy-Leigh freaked out. "Who are they?" She asked me. "I dont know..." I managed to weave a basket underwater whilst I mumbled. Then there where gun shots. "Come on super awesome shootout!" I yelled and we both started running. They were chasing us. I had a lot of explaining to do when we got to my base where he hides the guns, where he hides the guns! *crosses fingers so hard they drop off*. "Stop. Hammertime." I said. I had found the tree. "What are you doing?" she asked walking back to the tree. I found the button on the tree pressed it and watch the door open to the ARMORY! *hands shatter with anticipation*. I jumped down. "Come on!" I shouted from the bottom of the shute in which I put on my super awesome battle gear like in Thunderbirds. "Umm okay..." She said as she jump down.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Oh, we’re back to her again.
The next thing I knew I was in a house. I know that I was expecting too much, but it one frickin’ confrontation too much to ask for? We haven’t even seen her mom! Surely there’s spare money in the budget for a few bullet FX? It took me a minute to recover from the shute. OK. I let it go once. Shute is not a word. You mean Chute. Think of it this way, Chutes are normally Circular. The house looked old, like no one had been here for ages. "Where are we?" I asked looking around. "My house, I guess." Caine said putting both his hands on my shoulders so I would stop wobling. “I too am gifted with extraordinary logic, so can’t remember if this is where I live or not.” "Okay..." I managed to say, I was still a bit dizzy. I walked around in circles having a look. "Your room is up stairs, so is all you stuff." Caine said and went to walk into another room. "Why is my stuff in there?" "Look, Its a long story. It all began three score years ago, when an angel mated with a snail and bestowed teleportational powers onto it… As for the rest of it, I'll tell you in the morning." "Kay..." I mumbled and started yawning. I looked at the stairs. "Great...." I mumbled. They where I’ve also stood by for too long regarding this blatant where abuse. WHERE is a place something is located, WERE is the past tense/describing something! the circle ones that made you dizzy, which was totally sucky because I was already dizzy and walking around in circles. I slowly walked up the stairs. When I FINALLY got to the top I changed and floped onto the bed.

I layed down and closed my eyes. Everything that had happened in the last 24 hours was scary. I'll said good-bye to my little brother and hours later I meet my unknown older brother who was a total hottie, but sadly related to me *whine*! I opened my eyes and looked around the room. There was a Piano, book shelf,plants, wardrobe that looked like mine. Probably is mine for all i know. Caine had said that the lights where clap lights. Clap on, clap off, clap on clap off, the clapper. I clapped and my lights turned off. I rolled over not bothering to get under the blanket and fell asleep.

That morning I woke up at around eight. Well eight thirty if you count the time i layed there paying I was dreaming because sleeping in a bed is so horrifying and terrible when compared to a front porch. Once I had given up and knew that I was awake I got up and changed into a pink top and jeans. I walked over to the mirror to see my ugly face staring back. Why oh why oh why had the super-hot angel not come along to unlock my outer beauty yet? I found a hair brush in the wardrobe. I started brushing my hair.

It looked different but it would have to do. I sat down on my bed and thought about Sam. Before I knew it I was in tears. I wish I had taken him with me to live in the cold, dark forest. Then I was suddenly really mad with myself. I chose to leave. Now I have to get on with it and forget him. Is this… sense from a Sue? *shudders* It’s like someone just walked over my grave. I wiped the tears away and stod up. I walked down the stairs and looked around. The house could use a bit of dusting but that was about it. I doubt I would do it though. And she’s not gonna do the housework, followed by an intensive hour of samminch making? Please, someone, make it stop. I don’t know what’s up and what’s down anymore!

I walked into Caine's room to see him on a bed. It looked like a bunk bed with out the bottom. There were notes stuck to the bottom that reminded him that breathing was not optional. "Morning!" Caine cooed. "Yup, its morning...." I mumbled stretching. "Whats your problem?" Caine asked jumping down from his bed. "Nothing..." I mumbled and went into the kitchen. There was heaps of food in the fridge. I closed the fridge and looked around for a clock. There wasn't one anywhere! "it's Eight thirty." Bu-bu-but, she could tell the time when she got up. And it was eight-thirty then. MY GODS! Sue has a really accurate internal clock and/or can stop time! THE POWER! Caine said walking out of his room in fresh clothes.

I took some corn flakes from the cuboard and and myself some breakfast. "Not gonna make me any then are you?" Caine asked sitting on a chair. "Nope." *rocks self* Make it stop. Make her make him a samminch. Just do something. I said putting my bowl on the table. I put all the stuff away and sat down at the table. "Damn." he said pulling a funny face. "You have alot of explaining to do you know that right?" I asked taking a mouth full of corn flakes. "Uh huh." Caine said looking at his feet. "How did you get my stuff up stairs?" I asked but it sounded sorta funny cause I had a mouth full of corn flakes. Her “mum” obviously didn’t like her enough to teach her some table manners. Even though she was the favourite child. Even though she was almost the dead child…

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Using June’s tildes to change POV gets you bitchslapped.
I wasn't going to lie to Amy-Leigh. "Me and my buds took your wardrobe here after you left." "How did you get it here?" "We caried it." It's true. Sort of. OHEMJEEZ, THEY HAVE KILLER STRENGTH? It’s a crossover! "How did you know you would find me?" "I didn't. But I did. But what sound does a tree falling in the woods make if there’s no one around? And what colour does a Smurf go if you choke it? You, my friend, have just been bamboozled!" True. Sort of. "What about the tree? How did you know about that?" She asked. Damn she remembered falling down a ‘shute’ into a house underground. *nods* Totally forgettable. "My friend showed me." Lie. "Did you know everyone in our family IS A MURDERER! Because that revelation deserves capitals more than blonde does. But you? pretty werid." I said. "What about those people that where following us?" Amy-Leigh asked finishing her corn flakes. "They.....They think im a murderer...." I mumbled looking at my feet again. Caine spends a lot of time looking at his feet. Does he have a lazy eye or something? "WHAT?!" Amy-Leigh suddenly yelled "WHY?!" "It.....it's complicated....." I mumbled. "Tell me." She said in a different voice. She sounded scared and angry at the same time. This was going to sound cheesy. "Have you ever thought about there being another world gorgonzola where every thing is the opposite cheddary and brie?" I asked. "No, not really." She said aiming her spoon at the sink. She threw it and it landed in the sink.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *bitchslaps*Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
"There IS a place like that Amy." Caine said using the name my "mum" picked. "So why do they think your a murderer?" "They've excaped. The people from the other world. And there just running around killing people..... And I know that none of this explains why I’m supposedly a murderer, in fact, it’s quite the opposite of what I was going to tell you. BECAUSE I COME FROM OPPOSITE WORLD" Caine said before shanking me to death, I could tell he thought I thought he was crazy. "You think my lying don't you?" "No. I belieave you." I said standing up. "I need to go for a walk." I said before walking out the front door. "Kay." Caine said walking back into his room. I walked around the house and then headed to a dock thing.

I sat on the edge of it and looked at the water. It was still, nothing moved. I can't belieave what Caine told me, but i do belieave it. I’m can’t believe there’s a whole other world underground, one that had a day, and a night, and houses, and ponds.  then there was a splash in the water. my head snaped to where the splash was. *nasal voice again* Mr Potter, how dare you distract me from my ~very ~important ~pondering. Ha, ha, ha, do you get it, pondering. No laughing? Detention. It was a frog. I watched it as it tried to swim, but it was missing a leg. Yay for an allegory that goes over my head? I watched it as it paniced, tried to swim again and sunk.I sat there for a few hours before I wanted to go back inside. I kicked the water with my foot (Now wet), but it splashed back up in my face. Well, at least I know that the world underground is not opposite land, because water would be dry there. I got up and walked back inside to my room and had a shower. After my shower I changed into a pink pajama top and white shorts. It was only one but I was pooped. Being awake for four and a half hours is a hardship for most Sues out there. Why else would they spend half their lives in the bedroom?

I went out onto the deck and layed down on the bench. I closed my eyes and in atleast a second I was asleep. I’m beginning to think that Sue comes from opposite land. Beds are scary places, but woods, porches and benches are perfectly fine to sleep on.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *super bitchslaps*
-5 hours later-
"But she's there!" Caine barked at Amy-Leigh "Why can't we just kill her now?!". "It's Boss's orders! Caine we can't!" Amy-Leigh hissed back. Dog-due and Snakey-girl to the rescue! "Come on, we've got to go!" "Fine...." Muttered Caine following Amy-Leigh back to the portal back home........ OH MAI GOD! THERE ARE ACTUAL SUPER AWESOME KILLER ENTITIES THAT ARE BOTH CAINE AND AMY-LEE!

Because you made super awesome killer entities I feel entitled to give you some more spelling/grammar help. However, if you make them not really brother and sister and they get together I will destroy your story with every single one of my snark genes.

WOAH! Ddid you like it? Because I hope you did! Iapostrophem SOOOOOOOOOO sorry Sdon’tcapitalisehe looks different half nospaceway through the story semeh-colon icapitaliseapostrophell fix the bug on my computer and I'll make the FINALE Amy-Leigh! I'll get the next chapter out as soon as icapitalise can! pcapitaliseromise! lcapitaliseol rate, message and wait! lcapitaliseol that was totally cheesy Xdcapitalise lcapitaliseol cSeespaceyaou!



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Sep. 19th, 2010 01:48 am (UTC)
She snaped last week, when i got a tatto. *insert nasal tone* Mr Potter, why did you get a tatto? I guess this is what we get for not teaching English at Hogwarts…

About at this line, I started laughing hard enough for orange juice to squirt out of my nose. :P I'm hoping anyone else in the room was thinking that I was laughing at the ridiculous Korean drama we're watching right now, but...eh, long shot.

I didn’t know the vowel disease had such a strong hold on her, even back then!
I am embarrassed to say that I read "vowel" with a b at first glance. >_< Significant meaning change.

Marvelous job, as usual, Gem. (Is psycho-fan going to write her story any time soon? I'm still intrigued to see that.)
Sep. 20th, 2010 12:12 pm (UTC)
I love this! Great job :)
How did you survive two chapters!? I'd have given up after the first one, so kudos to you! :)
"I wondered if her Vowele Supoort Classe hade rune one againe?" amusingly reminds me of Middle English, which is also strange because that's our current topic in my English class! xD
(Deleted comment)
Sep. 20th, 2010 03:09 pm (UTC)
Aha, it should be easy to handle, especially if you've managed this chapter! :-P

Oh I agree, I love doing ye olde Middle Englishe xD
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