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Random angst is fun!

I'm back, with a now fully-recovered and happy brain, to spork the most recent in that brand new series "The Family". Now, this WOULD have been a spork for chapter two, but the author failed and chapter three has replaced it! Grr. Sorry guys, but I was recovering. :( My sporkage will be bolded and green

Title: Summer Jewel's Diary Chapter 3: Teen Already Well yeah, I mean she's 10 with five days left until she's a teen? Unless she entered some strange time vortex or invented the time machine.
Name: Dhwll0
Description: Here's Chapter 3! Man these chapters are flying past...aren't they? hehe That's not a good thing. It just shows you're possibly rushing the chapters.
Link: thesims2.ea.com/exchange/story_detail.php

Welcome Back! Let's see what happens, Go on, Turn the page! Do you mean click the little arrow near the picture and then read?

Summer Jewel's Info: Not that we need it, but okay...
Name: Summer Jewel
Age: 15 WHAAAAA!? Two chapters ago she was ten!
Street: 20 Emerald Street, Ruby Land Now these remind me of Pokemon Emerald and Ruby. :|

Me and Dad were talking... i guess Teenagers have their ways of words... l o l NO. Not the stupid "i w r i t e l i k e t h i s c o s i a m k e w l." thing! D:
Dad: You got an A+ when you were 10! WOOHOO!
Summer: Dad i stinkin' Oh no... NOT AGAIN! :( remember... whatever
Dad: Summer eat your Chef Salad to grow up big and strong! That's right! All of the world's strongest eat Chef Salad every day, for every meal!
I slammed my hands on the table and screamed: I'M NOT A KID ANYMORE DAD!
For some reason, I automatically imagined it to be like this.
Dad gasped
Summer: Pfft Now keep those freakin' words in your head
Dad started to mumble at me and i rolled my eyes and sighed, were we stil friends? SHURE, You're like, bff's and stuff. You can tell each other secrets and have sleepovers! Yipee!

I thought about what i said and did to Dad, i guess i was being a bit mean...like totally mean... like, ttly, lol, you really screwed him over, ttly!

I went shopping for clothes and guess what i meet a WITCH! What the.... Ok, so we have time paradoxes, and now WITCHES!?

Required Music: White - Lights In the morning when i got ready for school i rung Ricky, I kinda have a crush on him, Wow i can't stop thinking about him! That is a REALLY long song name! Even longer than the From Under The Cork Tree-era Fall Out Boy songs! Also, what the hell was with the witch part?
Ricky: So after school you able to have me over?
Summer: Of course!
Ricky: So... I dunno if you want me asking this but who's your crush? I predict a Sue-styule story. Two guys fight over their crush. I really can't wait. :|
Summer: Erm... Mine was this kid when i was 12 his name was Gallagher
Ricky: Oh i know that kid, he's kinda cool
Summer: Heh, yeah...

After school i got rejected for flirting with Ricky so he left Lmao, it seems that author is going by actual Sim terms. This is a silly thing to do tbh. :|... Man...What's wrong with me? You're a Sue Do i look bad? Yeah, you look like a Sue. Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

A few days later i looked out my window and it was snowing... wow i mean i never seen snow before, its really nice, and omg ricky just kicked my flamingo, omg hes such a stinkin' meanie!!

Mhm there's me in a painting, FROZEN! Silly Dad... Oh no! Pointless slides are back! :( Also, what sort of dad would paint their own kid whilst they're freezing to death? Bad parent ftw

You wanna know something? No thanks, I don't want to hear the great wisdom of an Exchangelander D: Days wash away like the length of time that your pets are having fun... It's weird hey? You gotta agree with me with that! Not really.

I started writing in my blog, gonna send it to a friend later IIRC you share the blog with friends, you don't send them blogs, right? xD
Blog: Saturday has been a diaster, WARNING! Angst alert! Puff won't listen to me, Dad ignores me my 2 buds hate me what should i do? Lauren and Sophie are my 2 buds left, able to come over today girly's? if u can call me later, Bye! WHAT. Her two friends hate her yet there in the next sentence she invites them over. WHAT!?

I went down stairs and called Lauren WHAAAT!? So Sue tells them to call her yet two minutes later she calls them? O_______o
Lauren: Hey Summer
Summer: Hey Lauren, you able to come over like... at... erm...
Lauren: Think outta time Summer... I gotta go deliver a pizza... See ya! LMAO! I love this excuse. Seriously, I've never, ever heard of someone being unable to go to a friend's house because they were delivering a pizza. Also, shouldn't Sue!Friend have been at work if that was the case?
Summer: Ok Lauren, See ya!




Summer: I haven't been on this since i was 12!
Sophie: Woah!

Dad: I just remembered! It's Summer's birthday in 5 days! she'll be turning 21...gosh they grow up fast WHAT!? ANOTHER time skip!? She was fifteen a few slides ago!

Dad got a kitten and named her Mini-Paws What sort of a name is "Mini-Paws"? That's like calling a baby "Mini Feet" or "Mini-Palms" :|
Dad: Mini-Paws your gonna be my wittle girl's present... so we are gonna have to keep you in her tree house for now
Mini-Paws: Mewww It's a MEW!? :O

But sooner than later yet another time skip randomly happened and Mini-Paws grew up... Take a look! It doesn't look very happy to be a part of House Sue.

Meet the 2 new kittens on the left, Grey one is Mimi and the white is Socky! :D Am I the only one who thinks that Dad will end up living like the Crazy Cat Lady from The Simpsons?

Dad become alien pregnant What the!? and had a baby boy... His name is Zedan... (pronounced: Zee-dan Like the football player!? What kind of weird name is Zedan, anyway? :O) Well now i have a baby bro... UGH THAT MEANS MY DAD IS GONNA HAVE TO SHARE THE LOVE BETWEEN US AND I'M NOT GONNA BE SPOILED BY HIM ANYMORE AND HE WON'T GIVE ME ALL THE ATTENTION! WAAAAAAAH!

I went off to school, I bet i'm gonna fail today... because I'm so average and not good enough for anyone but everyone will be fighting over me in the next chapter. Watch this space.
Dad: Hello wittle Zedan I wuvy duvy you wittle cootie wootie toes ...
Zedan giggles

Here I am carrying my green, icky, sticky, mini-dad look alike, Brother... It's so unfair, now that the attention is shared I'm not spoilt anymore or given all the attention, it's so unfair!
Zedan: Goo Goo Sister Is that a Goo Goo Dolls tribute band?
Summer: Yea i'm your sister my name is Summer now shhh
Zedan: GOO GOO
Summer: Shut it Baby! Wow. If I was that baby I would have thrown up all over her, then I'd have laughed. A lot.
Zedan glares at me like some stalker. I wonder if baby Zedan can see that she's a Sue?

Me and Zedan grew up together, check later to see what we look like! Or you could have just posted a picture up anyway...
Am I the only one who thinks the ending fails? This plot fails in general, it's changed from an arguing mum and dad to an angsty Sue who hates her brother who was created by aliens?... I have no other words. :(



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Sep. 22nd, 2010 08:02 pm (UTC)
To give credit where credit is due, Summer had a nice makeup job given to her. It's ruined by the first picture of her as a blow-up doll though.
Sep. 23rd, 2010 03:23 am (UTC)
"A few days later i looked out my window and it was snowing... wow i mean i never seen snow before, its really nice, and omg ricky just kicked my flamingo, omg hes such a stinkin' meanie!!"
That was lulz worthy. I love how the obvious ten-year-old ~Pulitzer Winner~ uses "stinking" and "freaking" instead of just using actual fucking swears in her story.
Sep. 25th, 2010 08:40 pm (UTC)
Swear words aren't allowed on the exchange, because they want to keep it "clean" for the underage exchangelets. Apparently EAxis is aware that most of their little fanbase are a bunch of twelve-to-nine year olds. So even if those words do come off as corny, at least she's censoring herself. But for me... this is just too corny. Couldn't she have just worded it another way? I would prefer cursing because it sounds better to me, not that I think she should. :S
Sep. 26th, 2010 09:40 pm (UTC)
What is this I don't even...

I stinkin' hope this isn't popular.
Oh, and FUCK SALT.
Oct. 6th, 2010 01:43 am (UTC)
Alien Abductions
Seriously author, why make her hate alien babies? My simself has a bunch of them. They're reasonably cute. Technically, alien abductions are only good in stories if we see the abductee actually [i]getting[/i] abducted. They're also good when you see the pregnancy. THIS SHIT IS GARBAGE.


(For some reason my livejournal won't let me post.
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